Train wreck in Fort Worth, TX

I foresaw the mess we’re in almost a year ago. But I had no idea it would be here this soon, this close to home, or this bad.

The Fort Worth ISD Transgender Student Guidelines may as well be fiction by George Orwell. It reminds me of Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn”. But it is not fiction. These are policy “Guidelines”, approved by a superintendent and several key officials. In a way, I’m glad that this controversy has arrived in our city, because it forces us to deal with a delusion that is putting our country on the brink of chaos. The document just lays the insanity out in print. Brilliantly. So we get to pick it apart in black and white. To the rebuttal of the “Guidelines”, I’ll start with several bold assertions.

  1. 1) Children are not in charge
  2. 2) 2+2=4,
  3. 3) XY chromosomes means you’re a boy,
  4. 4) XX chromosomes means you’re a girl.
  5. 5) Intersex and Transgender are not the same thing.
  6. 6) Doctors do not ‘assign gender’. Your chromosomes do.
  7. 7) Elvis Presley was not the first President of the United States.
  8. 8) If I hold up an orange and say it’s an orange, and you say that it is a wooly mammoth, you are wrong, and I am right. If that hurts your feelings, you’ll get over it.

It’s about Truth, folks.

To deny reality is ….. I don’t have words for it. To force others to deny reality, or face “adverse employment action”?  Still speechless. I know where this line of thinking came from. I’ll get to that later.

First, the words “Transgender” and “Student” should never go together. This shouldn’t be happening today. Next, lets look at history. Where was the word “Transgender” used in the 1700’s? Who was getting, who felt the need to surgically remove testicles, or get a hysterectomy, or a double mastectomy, in the name of “self identity” when our nation was fighting for independence?

Alrighty. My first post. I have mountains of info to add. But for now, I will refer you to the pages of Then you will begin to understand some of the seeds of this movement, and how, why it is spreading.
Two closing thoughts: if you meet an adult, teenager, or child who is transgender, treat them with love, and kindness. They need it now more than ever. Get to know what’s on their inside (their heart) without focusing on what’s being presented on the outside. Don’t judge them. They are victims themselves.

Lastly, if you are transgender reading this, then know something. I’m praying for you. I want you to be happy. I believe happiness is what God wants for you too. But, like with my son, I don’t give him everything he wants, just because he thinks it will make him happy. After all, the decision making part of his brain won’t be fully developed for another 15 years (when he’s 22). My prefrontal cortex has been developed for 23. I know better.


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