Who is Running this Country?

Who is Running this Country?

“The Transgender Bathroom controversy is a smokescreen, distracting us from the Policies and Guidelines that enable students to transition from one gender to another, at school, without parental knowledge, or consent.”


When I was a boy,  our family would  sometimes travel on long dirt roads far from civilization. Inevitably, the call of nature and lack of bathroom facilities resulted in cries from the backseat: “Dad, I gotta go!!” “Me too!!” When enough voices demanded, he’d stop, and we’d pile out. “Boys to the left. Girls to the right! No looking!” The dirt road and tall grass served to separate the sexes. 

The inherent differences between male and female are as old as biological sexual reproduction. And when it comes to relieving ourselves, the concept of “men to the men’s room, women to the women’s” has never been historically questioned. Until now.

Scan today’s headlines and it’s clear that this issue of where transgendered individuals should use the bathroom is gripping the nation.

Fort Worth ISD became a lightning rod when the Transgender Student Guidelines were signed into effect without a vote from School Board Members. A few days later, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick called for the resignation of Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Scribner, and then President Obama stepped in, citing Title IX, giving his directive that School Districts Nationwide comply with the “transgender bathroom order” or risk losing federal funding.

As important as it is, all the focus on the bathroom is taking our attention away from a much more alarming issue in these “Guidelines” and directives:

1) They enable student transition from one gender to another on campus without parental knowledge or consent.

2)   Completely overlooked by media outlets is the fact that clinical trials are underway to test GnrH agonist (puberty blockers) on children as young as nine, and that

3)  Several  “Youth Gender Transition” centers have sprung up across the nation, largely without fanfare or notice from the public, at least not in the south.

Parents have every reason to be alarmed.

Let’s visit these one by one.

  1. Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 4.21.19 PMPublished May 2016 by the Department of Education of the United States of America, the Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices for Supporting Transgender Students sites several examples that affirm “private student transitions” without parent knowledge, explains how teachers should keep information from parents, all in a tone of normal goodness. According to the Dear Colleague Letter from the Depts. Of Justice & Education, if your district doesn’t have a policies like these in place, they might lose federal funding.

“Examples of Policies…” asks the question: “How do schools communicate with the parents of younger students compared to older transgender students?”

The answers:

From page 2:

Parents are often

“Parents play less of a role in an older student’s transition”

“Consult with the student before reaching out to the parents”

“Parental participation is not required”

From page 3.


recommends different

“Work closely with older students prior to notification of family.”

Notice that these policies fail to define “older”. So, what is ‘older’? 13? 12? 11?


“School personnel should discuss with the student how the school should refer to the student, [he or she] in written communication to the student’s parent or guardian. “

In other words, “Teacher, you can call me “Susan” and refer to me using  ‘her’ and ‘she’ at school, but if you’re talking to my parents, say “Tom”, and use “he” and “him”.”

Chicago Public

“When speaking with….parents…. school staff should not disclose a student’s preferred name, pronoun,….pertaining to the student’s transgender or gender nonconforming status without the student’s permission, unless authorized…by the Law Department.”

oregon“Transgender students may not want their parents to know about their transgender identity”

Parents. This ludicrous document from the federal government says that the child you gave birth to has the right to change genders without your knowledge and forces teachers to support this delusion by lying to you or risk termination.

This is wicked. This is sick. This is insanity. Unfortunately the news just gets worse.

2) The National Institutes of Health approved a $5.7 million grant to study the effects of puberty blockers for younger children (age 9) and cross sex hormones for older transgender  adolescents (up to age 21).  This happened in August of 2015, just two months after Obergefell v. Hodges, the decision legalizing same sex marriage. As opponents knew, the consequences of sex  interchangeability in marriage, is that it would lead to its legal irrelevance in other places.

I knew all of this would eventually be here, but surprised that it happened this fast. 

Why on earth are grown, educated adults giving children the right to choose their gender without parent’s knowledge as a matter of policy? And what’s up with these clinical trials to block puberty for ‘Transgender Kids’ as young as age nine? 

I’ll tell you. The officials truly think they’re preventing suicide.

“Why do they think they’re preventing suicide?” you might ask.


The answer can be found at Transgenderreality.com



One thought on “Who is Running this Country?

  1. What ignorant ramblings. So, if a parent does not approve of their trans kid, the kid will miraculously become not trans? If your child is trans and you do not notice that something is up, you are very out of touch with your child.


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